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4 Reasons Leash Laws Are Important

While we may want to give our dogs the freedom of running free, if you are not in a secured area, it’s critical to keep your dog safely leashed.

Let's look at a few more reasons why leashes are important for your dogs, especially in outdoor settings.

Reasons Why Leash Laws are Important

It can be tempting to take your dog off the leash and just let them "be a dog." What's the worst that could happen, right? Well, a lot can happen, and you may not necessarily be prepared for it.

1. Avoid Car/Road Accidents

1.2 million dogs are killed each year by cars in the United States alone. Being off-leash means a greater tendency for dogs to run away or get distracted. Getting into the road can be life-threatening, cause expensive vet bills, or even be fatal for your dog. Keeping your dog leashed will help keep them safe when you’re anywhere near motor vehicles.

2. Bad Reactions

Your dog may be super friendly toward other dogs. But not all dogs are friendly. If your dog is unleashed and runs up to a dog on a leash who happens to be dog reactive, it can turn ugly quickly. Not only can this seriously injure one or both of them and is embarrassing, it could also lead to a bigger problem. If your doggo ends up causing financial or physical damage to someone, their dog, or their property, you could be facing a legal battle you are not ready for.

3. They Stay Cleaner

Dogs are playful and have a completely different aesthetic when it comes to hygiene than we humans do. It’s much easier to keep your dog from rolling in that mud puddle or road kill if she’s on leash. If your dog does get into a mess, try an all-natural 2-in-one shampoo and conditioner like Fresh Spring Petals.

4. No Unwanted Puppies

Many stray dogs and even domestic dogs are not neutered or spayed. That raises the question, is your dog too friendly? If your dog isn’t spayed or neutered it’s even more critical to keep them leashed when outside of your home.

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