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Resource guarding

Some breeds are more prone to resource guarding. In others it's all but a non-issue.

If resource guarding shows up, you can implement simple protocols that should take care of the problem. The earlier you start, the quicker and easier it is to fix. If you wait to fix this, it can turn into a major problem that will take time and effort to fix. Do not wait. Contact us or a trainer.

The resource guarding protocol is an easy one. It’s pretty much the same one you use to teach your dog to “leave it.”

You can do this exercise even if your dog never shows a sign if resource guarding.

You will need two of his most favorite treats or foods. For this exercise, we will call them treat 1 and treat 2. The first one can be something he can eat or chew like a bully stick or a chicken wing, but the second has to be a treat he can eat in one bite, such as a piece of meat (treat 2). We usually start this with frozen chicken wings (treat 1) and brisket (treat 2), but you can use anything he loves.

Treat 2 should be given in a one-bite size.

  1. Give your dog treat 1, let him enjoy it.

  2. Take away treat 1 while simultaneously giving him treat 2.

  3. Before he’s even done with treat 2, give him treat 1 back.

Do this no more than 2-3 times a session.

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