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Puppy vaginitis

Female puppies can exhibit a clear or creamy vaginal discharge or have sticky or dirty hair around their vulva. You may notice them licking excessively. This is often caused by puppy vaginitis. The prevention for puppy vaginitis is similar to prevention of UTIs: keep the hair trimmed, wash the genital area with an antibacterial wipe once or twice a day.

Puppy vaginitis usually goes away during her first heat cycle. Puppy vaginitis is usually self-limiting, but if she develops a fever or her behavior changes or it lasts beyond her first heat, you will need to see your vet who will likely prescribe antibiotics. Again, the vast majority of puppy vaginitis will go away with her first heat cycle.

Puppies with inverted vulvas are more prone to puppy vaginitis. We recommend the same approach for inverted vulvas as for puppy vaginitis: Puppy vaginitis usually goes away during her first heat cycle and we recommend waiting for the first or second heat cycle before considering surgery.

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