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Puppy motion sickness

The inner ears of puppies aren’t fully developed. If your puppy starts to salivate or even vomit in the car, place the crate as low and as much in the center of the car as possible and cover her with a sheet. Puppies can be given Dramamine (although it makes them sleepy). In bad cases you can also get an anti-nausea drug called Cerenia and give it to your dog prior to your drive. Please contact your vet for information on Dramamine dosing or to request Cerenia.

If your puppy is restless, crying, or panting, she may need to potty. She may also be a little warm, so bring a sweater in case you need to lower the temperature in the car for her. Addressing car sickness when it appears helps resolve it faster and easier.

Avoiding car sickness

  • Try not to drive winding or stop-and-go trips soon after meals.

  • Better to not feed than to develop a car-sick pup.

  • Take short trips to fun places.

  • Do not make trips to the vet the only car trips your pup gets for its first few months.

  • Go to parks, Home Depot or the bank on other days.

  • Give your pup something to do it its crate to occupy its mind during trips—stuffed Kongs, marrow bones and bully sticks all work wonders.

  • Keep the temperature in the car cool so the pup is not uncomfortably warm and panting.

  • Cover the puppy’s crate if there is any evidence of car sickness.

If your pup gets sick on a trip, review the hints above and try these options

  • Spray lavender in the car and crate before trip and at stops

  • Spray an appeasing pheromone, such as Adaptil, in your crate/car before trip and at stops

  • Feed your dog a small piece of raw ginger 30 minutes before the trip and occasionally during the trip.

  • Turn your dog’s crate sideways.

  • Cover the crate so the dog cannot see out.

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