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Identifying stress in your dog

You’ll want to learn the signs of stress in your dog so you can support her if she isn’t feeling comfortable. Provide support without coddling her. You want to help her, but at the same time you don’t want to encourage fearfulness.

Signs of stress include:

  • Ears back

  • Tail down

  • Licking lips

  • Shaking

  • Whining (not the eager kind)

  • Not accepting treats

  • Trying to hide

If your dog shows these signs, you will need to help him with his stress.

  • Step back from the immediate environment a little and give him a chance to look around

  • Give him a reward whenever he looks at you or shows signs of boldness, such as taking a step forward

  • Be sure to keep other dogs and people away until your puppy has relaxed a little

  • Keep rewarding for when he sits calmly with you

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