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How to Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

When you bring your newborn home from the hospital for the first time, it’s a new experience for everyone, including your dog. Preparing your dog for a new baby is essential for their and your newborn’s safety. Here are three ways to help with the transition for your dog:

Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby

Establish a plan by first introducing your dog to new sights, smells, and sounds before baby comes. Spend time in the nursery with your dog and play sound machines to help.

When baby arrives, take your time introducing your dog to them. Don’t force the introduction if your dog isn’t ready and give them space to get used to this new lifestyle.

Also, your dog may get jealous with the amount of attention you give your baby. Focus on helping your dog feel comfortable with this new experience and make sure they get attention and care, too.

Establish a New Routine

Dogs thrive on routine, so begin establishing a new routine before baby arrives. This new routine may include waking up and going to bed, going out for walks (practice leash walking to avoid pulling with baby), and getting fed all at different times of day then they are used to.

A new routine may also include new rules, such as staying out of the nursery or only playing with their toys, not baby’s. As your dog gets used to a new routine, they will feel more comfortable around your newborn.

Maintain Training

Training is essential for your dog at all stages of life, and especially with a new baby. Train your dog to sit, stay, or leave it to help with the newborn transition. As you continually practice certain commands with your dog, always be sure to reward them. We love these for praising our dogs’ good behaviors.

A Soothing Solution to Something New

Bringing a newborn home may be a stressful time for your dog. To ease their stress and help them feel calm, we recommend getting the Keep ‘em Calm set by pawTree. This collection of chews and calming toy are made with safe, natural ingredients, like valerian root and hemp seed to sooth your dog and keep them busy. Click below to order a set for your dog today.

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