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3 Major Reason Dogs Love to Play

Is there anything cuter than watching puppies play together and have fun? It can be even more exciting if you just adopted these little puppers. However, you may wonder: why do dogs love to play?

1. To Develop Better Social Cohesion and Interactive Skills

Playing is an energy-burning activity that improves your dog's mood. It can prevent mood swings and depressive behavior in them as well. But one major psychological reason behind your pooch playing continuously is that they need to develop social skills.

Dogs won't walk up to other canines, shake their hand, and start having a conversation. Their ideal approach to befriending other animals is by having a playful attitude. Playing mimics social interactions. So, dogs love to play because it helps them learn how to interact with other dogs socially.

2. Burn Energy

Some dogs play a lot because they have too much energy. Energy is often related to your dog’s breed or breed composition if they are a mixed breed. Some breeds were developed to work hard and therefore have more energy to expend. Extra energy can also be a product of boredom, lack of training and impulse control, or a low quality diet or too much doggy junk food (low quality treats). While you can’t change your dog’s genetics, you can switch to an all-natural holistic dog food and limited ingredient treats. For both food and treats, real meat should be the first ingredient, like with this Real Chicken and Oatmeal holistic dog food and these limited ingredient Freeze Dried Duck & Mangotreats. If not, you’re feeding them junk food and that most certainly can affect behavior.

3. To Develop Motor Skills and Learn

As puppies grow, they need to discover their physical strength and abilities as well as the boundaries of their bodies and their world. Play helps them learn more about their physical limitations as well as social boundaries and expectations.

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