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The 3 Most Important Dog Training Principles

The first thing you need to think about after bringing home a dog or puppy is how to train it. No one wants an untrained dog who doesn't listen. While many people thing training is restrictive, it’s actually a way to ensure your dog has more freedom. A well-trained dog is more welcome when you have guests, when you are visiting others, and even in public. A poorly trained dog is more likely to have to be locked away from guests and much more limited in where they are welcome outside of your home.

Even better, training helps strengthen your relationship with your dog and provides a more fulfilling interaction for both of you.

You can hire a professional or train your dog yourself, such as using the Baxter & Bella online training program (use coupon code HAPPYPUPS for 25% off). However, you should begin training your dog immediately after bringing them home. Here are the top 5 dog training tips that can help you:

1. Be consistent

You need to set rules from day one and be consistent about them. These rules dictate whether they're allowed on the couch and bed or not, for example. Setting boundaries from day one helps them understand what is off-limits and what they're allowed to do. And stick to your rules once you set them. If you are inconsistent it is confusing to the dog and they are less likely to behave the way you want.

Consistency also helps with reliability. Dogs learn and develop habits over time, and it's difficult for them to understand instructions overnight. So set your boundaries from day one and stick to them.

2. Give them a Den

Like humans, dogs also need a place to rest, relax and sleep. Make them a little house of their own by setting up a den or giving them a crate to sleep in. This limits your dog to a particular place, and it provides them the security of a safe space so they can sleep peacefully. Their crate should be a place of safety and never used for punishment.

3. Reward Good Behavior

When you make them work on certain tasks or act a certain way, don't forget to reward them. Rewards make them happy and motivate them to continue this behavior. Reward your dog often with a healthy, high-value treat, such as these 3-ingredient Freeze Dried Turkey, Apples, and Cinnamon treats. This will also help build a stronger bond between you two.

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