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Tired of Worrying About Your Dog Not Eating?

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I was, too!

I really wanted to care for my dog, Zoey, the best way possible and know she was as happy and healthy as she can be. 


The problem was, she was never a very good eater. Some days she would eat her food, then other days I felt like she was starving herself. Sometimes she would only eat while I was sleeping, other times while I was watching her, other times not at all. The unpredictability was frightening me, making me crazy and messing with my busy schedule


I swear there were times she was on a hunger strike. But the more I tried to please her, the more she didn't eat. 


I didn't know how to help her and I was worried about her health


I would keep food out for her all the time, offer her treats, but she never had a good appetite. I tried over a dozen different foods, but changing food upset her stomach too much. I tried cooking scrambled eggs and steak for her. Even cat food didn't work. 


I felt I really needed to find something she would like so she could get the nutrition she needed and I could get the peace of mind I was longing for. I really wanted to be able to find something she would love to eat. 


I was struggling with new ideas and options for how to make her happy about her food. 


I didn't know how to help her. The vet said she was fine but even he had run out of suggestions for getting her to eat better. 


I felt terrible because I love her so much. 


I felt even worse because I was failing her


The problem was that I didn't know where to turn
or what to do. 


Was this going to be the next 15 years of our lives?

I wasted a lot of money and food and there seemed to be no end in sight

There just had to be something out there!


I was desperate and I felt like a failure as a dog parent. I couldn't even provide a simple meal that my dog would love. 

You know all the commercials where they pour the food in the bowl and the eager, happy dog is waiting with his wagging tail? Not us. At all. 


I was wasting so much money and resources. I would cook things for her only to have to throw them out or have them sit on my shelf gathering dust or going rotten in the fridge. I grew up listening to my grandmother talking about "starving kids in Africa" and here I was wasting food, treats, and supplements for my dog. 


My friends and family thought I was crazy, yet was at my wit's end and continued to treat Zoey like the Queen of England. 


I had constant worry in the back of mind that something was wrong with her even though the vet said she was "healthy" and that she was "just a picky eater." 


Here I was spending lots of money no lasting solution.

I felt like I had tried everything

I didn't realize it at first, but it all changed when a good friend of mine gave us a stocking stuffer for Christmas. It was a seasoning bottle full of sprinkles for dog food. It promised "variety and nutrition." 


Bah, Humbug. 


I looked at the bottle, thanked my friend, and didn't give it much thought after that. I put it under the tree with the rest of our gifts and continued on with our holiday. 


It wasn't 10 minutes later that my cousin noticed Zoey was going nuts about something under the tree. It was the bottle of seasonings!! 


This was different


So I got a bowl of food for her and sprinkled some seasonings on top. 




I was floored!


  • I never thought that this simple of a solution
    would be the answer to all of my heartache 

  • Even better, it was affordable

  • And so, so easy.


So I started sprinkling them on top of her food for every


  • I learned that she doesn't like to eat the same thing every day (neither do I!).

  • She loved that the flavors changed with each meal and I loved that there was no tummy upset from always trying to give her variety by changing her food. 

  • This meant no more worrying about her not having the nutrition she needs to be by my side for years to come. 


As a result of this I can be confident as a pet parent that my sweet little girl will thrive and I love watching her love her food.

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