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Our Story


The Healthy Happy Dog is run by a mother and daughter team, Hari and Ji Khalsa. Both have extensive experience raising, caring for, and training dogs and other animals.


Hari worked as a veterinary technician for over 10 years, and spent over 25 years as a working dog, pet dog, and service dog trainer and kennel master for large police dog kennels. She has bred Poodles and working dogs that have had successful careers as patrol dogs, tracking dogs, detection dogs, and more. She has studied with masters in the US, Canada, Germany, Holland, and Belgium. Her dogs have achieved many distinctions, including Mocha, Silver medal winner in the World Police Games. Click here and here to read more about Mocha.   


Ji has trained for police work, sport and competition, pet, and service work. She was on the Board of Directors of the North American Ring Association, a thriving sport dog association. 


Ji has a Masters degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry from Arizona State University, including independent studies in the link between canine genetics and behavior. She worked as a graduate student in an embryology and fetal development laboratory. Ji also has completed graduate work in molecular genetics and spent 20 years managing large bioresearch projects. She applies her extensive knowledge of genetics, behavior, embryology, development, and health to the information she shares about dog health and wellness. Ji is an accomplished student of behavioral science.

Both Hari and Ji have decades of experience training pet, working, and service dogs and have spent extensive amounts of time training with top canine experts in both North America and Europe.